Oct. 5. Separation from God Like Death

Ps. 88:1-18

There are two types of death revealed in the Scriptures—physical and spiritual. Since death is a separation, physical death occurs when the soul is separated from the body. Spiritual death is defined as when the soul is separated from God. The psalmist likened his feelings of being separated from God to his life being near to the grave, also spoken of as the pit. Whether or not the writer was referring directly to the Babylonian exile, it did apply to their condition at that time.

During the captivity, God’s people felt His separation from them. In reality, they had left Him and He eventually gave them up as lost. The sadness of this psalm is tempered only by the introductory recognition that the Lord is the God of our salvation. He believed that his suffering was the result of God’s wrath. That was true regarding those in Babylon. The psalm ended with a cry out for reasons for his afflictions amid the loneliness of being without not only God but without friends also.

Do we know of others who are suffering in this life that need the encouragement of a friend? A hug, warm touch or any expression of care can do wonders toward lifting up a person who has fallen.