Oct. 5. Various Dimensions Described

Ezek. 41:1-43:27

In Ezekiel’s vision, he continued to receive the dimensions of the areas in the new temple. Ezekiel being a priest was permitted to enter the sanctuary, but did not enter the Most Holy Place.

Just as God’s commands for us are specific and expected to be obeyed, He was specific in describing the designs and dimensions of the aspects of the temple and its courtyard. The temple and courtyard complex seemed to occupy an area of nearly thirteen acres.

Corruption by the many abominations that His people had committed caused God’s glory to depart from the original temple. In Ezekiel’s vision, he saw the glory of God return and occupy the new temple. Just as He had exited through the eastern gate, He would also return through the eastern gate. He assured the prophet that He would dwell in their midst forever. God instructed Ezekiel to repeat the descriptions and measurements of the temple to the house of Israel. He proceeded to instruct the prophet on how he was to make various offerings as they began to occupy the new temple. After a period of seven days, the priests would resume their priestly duties.