Oct. 6. Deliverance

Zech. 13:1-14:21

The prophet, Zechariah envisioned a time when a Shepherd from the house of David would arise to save the people. Idol worship and prophets of idols would no longer be present in Judah. That Shepherd would be persecuted and would suffer the sword of punishment deserved by man. Many would fall, but a remnant would survive and be refined also by the fire of persecution. They, however would endure as precious metals survive the fires of the smelter. The Lord would say, “This is my people.” They would confess, “The Lord is my God.”

Zechariah described in highly symbolic and figurative language events that would occur probably during the fall of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans. There would be a mass exodus of people trying to escape the horrors of that time. Many would perish, but as in previous times, those who fought against God’s people, Rome would also suffer dire consequences. Like wind scatters fire, the church would scatter into many other locations. “And the Lord shall be King over all the earth.” God’s people will center their worship in the heavenly spiritual Jerusalem instead of the earthly city.