Oct. 6. Priests Consecrated and Begin Ministry

Lev. 8:1-9:24

After receiving the instructions for the various offerings, final preparations for the worship of God were complete. Moses brought Aaron and his sons before the congregation of Israel and prepared them for their consecration/inauguration to their positions of ministry.

Aaron being the high priest was the first to be cleansed and clothed in his priestly garments. Moses then prepared Aaron’s sons, the priests for their consecration. These ceremonies were followed by the offering of the sin, burnt and wave offering that God had commanded. The new high priest and priests were to remain inside the tabernacle for seven (a number signifying completeness) days to finalize their consecration.

On the eighth day, Aaron and his sons began their work. Aaron was required to offer sin and burnt offerings for his own purification before offering for others. Following that, he was to preside over the offerings for the people. It is significant that Christ, the sinless One is our High Priest today.

God showed His approval by sending out fire that, “Consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar.”