Oct. 8. Christian Life is a new Life

Eph. 4:17-5:16

Since the Ephesians had become one with the Jews in Christ and were separated from the unconverted Gentiles, Paul urged them to refrain from returning to their former ways of life. As converted Gentiles, they were to refrain from lying, lusts, corrupt speech, dishonesty, greed and other sins. Even though anger is not sinful, one must be alert to the sins that are produced by anger and quickly bring it under control.

When man sins, he grieves the Holy Spirit by violating the commands of God given through inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

Paul instructed the Ephesians to have the same attitude of love, kindness and forgiveness toward one another that God in Christ had when He forgave them. If one is unwilling to forgive another, he cannot expect God to forgive him.

Christ sat the supreme example of love when he died on the cross for the forgiveness of man’s sins. Christians must also forgive one another in love.

Paul listed several sins that will prevent one from entering heaven. However, because of God’s love, repentance of those sins will bring forgiveness. He reminded them that they had previously been guilty of those things, but they had become lights instead of darkness. It was their responsibility to continue to walk as children of light to show the way for others to become Christians and to insure their own salvation. The things that Paul wrote to the Ephesians apply to Christians today.