Of apparent fragility, and more

  • So many good works of faith appear fragile and ready to collapse at the first puff of wind. No doubt, many are, and would fold when a crack appears in the wall — some have already. But with the Lord behind a work, it will go forward in spite of someone leaving it, despite internal problems or external criticisms. No single effort by an individual or group is the exclusive basket for the Lord’s eggs, that much is clear. But he does work through his people. And even without the obvious signs of strength that human efforts exhibit, the power of good is strong, stronger by far that the shameful works of darkness. Let us never forget that the power of God’s Spirit permeates the good works of his people. May that knowledge keep us firm in our resolve and constant in our efforts. Even when things seem to totter.
  • Why does the Lord wait until the last minute to make salvation appear? Think, the Israelites at the edge of the Red Sea. Why present us with the solution after all hopes have been dashed? To engender trust, in part. More so, to glorify his name. Glory to God in the highest!
  • The GoSpeak.org website has now officially been launched. Its purpose is to provide timely and readily accessible information about our ministry to supporters, potential supporters and prayer partners. It joins a name change to the emancipation from my personal website, in view of a new overseeing congregation this year and yet another trip in May to the US for fund-raising. It reflects an ever-widening circle of ministry, beyond the local effort. Please say a quick prayer that the modest website may contribute to replacing the funds we’ll lose in June.
  • Last, a quote: “Do you want to up your truth-telling average? Then invite yourself into the discipline of confession. Decide today that every time you shade the truth or fail to live by your words, you will confess it to the person you have wronged.” — Bill Hybels, Making Life Work, 96. Sounds biblical to me. How do you read the Scriptures?