Of children and Bible reading

Here is a story about Brazil’s poor children to warm your heart. And perhaps stir your generosity or motivate you to find an opportunity. This is the perfect season, if there is one, to remember the children. The news report tells about a special program to reach and help the kids in the northeast. (Besides the three children’s homes now operating here and several other daycare and other efforts.)

Speaking of children, the Daily Nudge asks today the Fellows’ best tip on child-rearing (I still prefer rearing to raising). That ought to be interesting to read.

Several of us have had some fine discussions, here, on my blog and on Facebook, about personal and congregational Bible reading. In the midst of those, I’ve been preparing a Bible reading schedule to share with people here in Brazil for next year. Finally uploaded it to our website. It takes the 260 chapters of the New Testament and organizes them, quite nicely, if I do say so, into the 261 weekdays, minus Jan. 1, of 2010. Maybe I’ll translate it and share with you.

My idea at the moment is for that reading schedule to serve as my map of activities in teaching and writing next year. Home group study for evangelism. E-devotionals. Sermons. Maybe even the Bible school, if the brethren think it good. We’ll see how that goes.

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