Of fools, time, and atheism

April Fool’s Day has been picked up in Brazil as Liar’s Day, apparently because to fool someone you have to lie to them. One brother wrote that he didn’t know the origin of Liar’s Day, but he did know who the Father of Lies was, so he wasn’t celebrating the day. Is he taking the idea of pranks too seriously? Or are we not serious enough?

• In “Two Days in One,” Carl Hanson does a take-off about it being April Fool’s Day and Palm Sunday on the same date.

• An atheist—many have made April 1st into the atheist’s day—may be a fool, but he’s not stupid. Richard Dawkins knows there can be no peace between atheism and Christianity. So a few days ago, just before that special day some assign to him, he told 20,000 people in Washington to “ridicule and show contempt” for religious people and their practices. Maybe Christians might want to give a blessing rather than a curse in return. Didn’t Peter say as much?

• Carl, at link above, says Fool’s Day spawned from the change to the Gregorian Calendar. Time and foolishness seem to be related, if the recent hoopla about the Mayan calendar and the end of time are any indication.

• As has been mentioned across the web, the real fool’s day is the day of judgment, for those who failed to prepare. Those who live as if they have all the time in the world are the greatest fools of all. And we do not laugh at them, but cry over their souls and plead with them to put oil in their lamps.

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