Of Friends and Family in the Gospel

From Wednesday night to this morning I was offline because of a visit from out-of-state friends. We squeezed every minute out of their time here. They are a dedicated family to the gospel. They brought us the blessing of their zeal and devotion to Christ. If only God would multiply their number, the gospel would advance quickly and boldly in Brazil and other countries as well.

Then, because of late nights and strange food, but thankfully after they had left, I had one of my cramping spells that confined me to bath and bed for the evening. But I’m up and recovered.

We awoke with a start this morning. It turned out to be the bird of blessing that had invaded our bathroom and brought me a prayer for you.

It has rained all day. I pray people may be saved from flooding, which has occurred the last several weeks in the region. The rain has gone from being a blessing to an inconvenience to a threat to life and property.

To end the evening, a movie with wife and daughter. The latter just made an effort to make sure it’s one from our collection that I’d enjoy watching — which is difficult, since I’m not one much for reruns, with a few exceptions, and it’s too late for LOTR. Our daughter is a jewel. No goon is worthy of her.

So offline we go again for a few hours as the first day of a blessed new year winds down.

Have a great year!

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