Of horses, English and commentaries

No, we’re not talking Olympics or English breeds. Just wanted to share this photo with you. When they delivered dirt to our house this morning, it was brought by two horses and carts, rather than a truck, which would have been expensive for such a small load. So the ancient mode of transport still has its use.

If you’d like to see some of the things I’m up to, check out this article of mine, in English, on a Portuguese-language website for Brazilians about culture and education. I’m writing every two weeks, and often recycling articles I’ve written for other venues. This one is also on my website, but it takes on a different hue surrounded by the Portuguese stuff.

The New Bible Commentary was released in the 60s, then it was updated and called the New Bible Commentary: Revised. I have the former in Portuguese, the latter in English. Then came the New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition. This one has now been translated and released into Portuguese. (They skipped the Revised edition.) Here’s my question: anybody know how much difference there is between the original edition and the 21st Century tome? I’m tempted to buy the Portuguese translation, since I like to keep up with such things, but don’t know if there’s too much duplication as to make it still a bit redundant.

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