On QBiT, self-will, social networks, Halloween, orchids

Here’s a little something to get you in the spirit of the times: a Halloween poem, “Mumbo, jumbo, toil and tumble.” With a touch of a spiritual lesson. On the Christian Poets site, which now has its domain and is ready for your contributions or subscriptions.

• Did you know that Quick Bible Truths is on several venues and available in several formats, like RSS and email? See all your options here. It’s great for church bulletins, (re)posts, statuses, and email forwards.

• I decided to abbreviate this effort “QBiT,” and then discovered it’s some particle or something in quantum physics. I figured to pronounce it as “cubit.” Somebody beat me to it. Reckon I’m infringing on some copyright or trademark?

• TFR now has a Facebook page widget in the lower right column, for Forthright Press, our sponsor. Give it a Like!

• I don’t know where he got it, but Luke Bower has an amazing quote from an atheistic physicist with a powerful application. He writes about self-will in “Because I don’t want to.” On the Bulletin Digest website.

• See the beautiful orchid blooming on our carport. Another bud is opening, today. We received it as a gift, enjoyed its blooms for weeks on our dining room table, then hung it outside, where it continues to provide us enjoyment and reminder of our friends who gave it to us.

• If you’d been following me today on Friendika (or Diaspora, for that matter), you’d have seen most of these points above. Plus numerous other not mentioned here. Just saying.

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