On the cusp of falling

All the men and women, the people of Israel, whose heart moved them to bring anything for the work that the Lord had commanded by Moses to be done brought it as a freewill offering to the Lord. (Exodus 35:29 ESV)

и все мужья и жены из сынов Израилевых, которых влекло сердце принести на всякое дело, какое Господь чрез Моисея повелел сделать, приносили добровольный дар Господу. (Исход 35:29 Russian)

O LORD my God – hear our prayer dear Father in heaven as we come into your presence with songs on our lips and in our hearts. Lift up the countenance of those who are on the cusp of falling from your grace because of unbelief based upon current events in various parts of the world. Grant us the wisdom of Christ so that we will be a part of those brothers and sisters in Christ who willingly bring the best of what we have in order to spread the borders of the Kingdom of Christ. Shame those who have repeatedly held back the best for themselves instead of offering the Lord our first-fruits. Help us Lord to discover the blessings of giving. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

David Binkley, Sr. Gospel Minister

Cedar Key Church