On the Lord’s Day, I Was. . .at Home

Between lost internet connection for 5 days, tax prep for tax appointment for 3 days, then sick for 4 days and counting, I’ve not been able to post of late. I don’t remember missing church in years, but today I’m home. I think my temp is stabilizing, but coughing and sneezing linger so I was “encouraged” to stay home.

Class should be starting now. They will be finishing up Acts 20 and starting Acts 21. I won’t hear the different viewpoints, discussions and questions nor will I chime in with my thoughts.

One of our young men, a teen, will present the table talk this morning. His first time, I think, and I will miss it. I won’t enjoy the special fellowship of communion today. I will not be a part of the joint singing, prayers, and scripture reading of the assembly. I will miss what I’m sure will be another fine lesson from our preacher, Gary. I was handling this a lot better before I started writing!

How is it some can miss habitually, perhaps only showing up once or twice a month? Why doesn’t it bother them? Maybe, they just don’t think about it. Perhaps they’re not hungry or thirsty enough. Right now I’m ravenous. I feel deprived of my normal spiritual diet. Why don’t they?

What’s with those who operate on the periphery, who are never really involved? As I think of the folks at Eureka who are, at best, sporadic attenders, I’m trying to determine what they have in common besides the obvious factor of not attending regularly.

Are they more easily distracted, is it a lack of commitment to the Lord, or perhaps a simple lack of discipline? As I think of them, to a person, they are pleasant people. Yet one thing they have in common is biblical illiteracy. One in particular often questions God, which is fine, but when given a solid biblical answer, it never seems to satisfy. Maybe this idea of satisfaction is a key. God, for whatever reason, does not satisfy. Therefore, they continue to look for satisfaction in other places. Therefore, they are not driven to assemble with the saints.

I pray today you have found satisfaction in your God. I pray today you have studied, worshipped, and been challenged by a message from God’s Word. I pray today you have not taken for granted the great privilege of assembling with the saints.


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