Once upon a Tuesday

My evangelistic study tonight fell through, got rescheduled for Thursday night. After it, I’ll probably return to the dentist, after a week of tooth-testing. The cancellation did allow me to finish up the new series of studies I’m doing, called, in translation, “What Must I Do?” Sounds original, yes?

Internet was down at home a good part of the day. It’s been problematic recently. Steady rains may have something to do with it. Fortunately, I could run to the office and catch my music-school neighbor’s wifi, with his permission.

Since I was planning on the study at 6 pm, I didn’t go into the office until the afternoon. That means I finished up the homemade muffins with fresh blueberries about mid-morning, and had a fine lunch of a artichoke sandwich. After that, a bit of a nap. Don’t forget the nap. Power nap, they call it. I’m a believer.

Have been reading tweets from the FHU Lectures. Sounds lively. Talk of gun control, pacifism, and homosexuality in the Open Forum. Has anybody been by the Forthright Press stand/booth/table (?) in the exhibit area?

Here are a few thing I did today, some of which you can actually read online:

If somebody’s interested in contributing to The Christian Hub, choosing from the listings in the feeds, let me know.

Details are still being hammered out, but put Mar. 10 on your calendar, when I’ll teach a seminar on evangelism in N. Little Rock. Yup, as in Arkansas, USA. Would love to see you there.

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