Wipe your internet presence clean with one click. And your sins with one dip

click-hereIt’s the real deal, supposedly. These folks will find all your accounts on the web, through a Google login, and wipe your internet presence clean. They don’t say if they’ll get you off Google as well. But it really tempts one, does it not?

There is a good side to the internet. At times, however, we don’t see it. We get bombarded by the bad side, and offers like the one made by the site above appeal to those who are tired of it all.

In the spiritual realm, there is no good side to sin. It’s all bad. But there is a site where we can go to get rid of it all in a single dip. With the login of faith and repentance, immersion in water for the forgiveness of sin gives us access to the cleansing blood of Christ, Acts 2:38; 22.16.

Obedience is that keyword that will search out sins, remove them immediately from God’s memory, and install in our lives his Holy Spirit, Jn 12.50; Heb 5.9; Acts 5.32.

It’s the real deal. And God will keep those sins away as long as we walk in the light, 1 Jn 1.7. Forever. For free.


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