One-line or one-sentence prayers

You can probably think of some prayers in the Bible that were only one sentence, can’t you? Add your favorite one in the comments, if you like. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus taught not to make long prayers in public in order to call attention to ourselves. Prayers can be short, and they can be effective prayers.

Have you made some one-line prayers? If so, what are some? Like Nehemiah (oops, I gave one away), in the heat of the moment, we can send up quick, lightning prayers.

A good idea might be to have a one-line prayer to think of during each day. Something to come back to, to look over, to review, to repeat. It’s never wrong to repeat a prayer, in sincerity and perseverance.

Sometimes the one-line prayer might reflect a phrase or verse in Scripture. These might even be the best ones.

Here’s one from Galatians 4.9:

Lord, I want to know you and to be known by you, so help me put my whole life in your hands and to love you with all my being. Amen.

Prayers and their forms can be varied, according to need and the moment, while always respecting the parameters of Scripture. Let us pray!