One verse answer (Faith Alone)

Settling every Bible based question or studying every Bible based topic can hardly be resolved with a single verse every time, but there are times when a single verse is so clear and concise in what is being said, the point cannot be missed by any honest Bible student.

For example, take the question and topic of faith alone when it comes to justification with God. Despite its popularity throughout the religious world, of all the topics that can be settled with a single verse perhaps this topic is the easiest! There is only one single book in the entire Bible where the words “faith” and “alone” appear together in the same sentence, and in that book there are actually a couple of verses (depending upon the translation) that spell out the error of advocating for the faith alone position so plainly! One of these verses is James 2:24, (with which numerous translations use the same two words) and it says, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” (NET)

The other verse that declares the same truth about the error of the faith alone doctrine is James 2:17. A few translations actually use the words faith and alone in James 2:17, but most paint a plain enough picture by using the words faith and itself … just wanted to give a bonus verse in case James 2:24 does not ring a bell.

The popularity of a doctrine does not justify its position anymore than faith alone justifies an individual with God, and all it takes is one verse to prove it.

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