One-volume commentary by F.F. Bruce

The old standard used to be the New Bible Commentary: Revised, which has been updated again and has a name like 21st Century Edition or some such. But lately I’ve been using editor F.F. Bruce’s, New International Bible Commentary, which I have in English under a previous name, but it has the same innards. It has also been translated into Portuguese, so that’s a plus. That’s the one I’d have to name, I reckon, out of the few one-volume commentaries I have.

I’ve bought a couple of one-volume commentaries since then, but although they have some good features, they don’t seem to measure up all around. Nor did I expect them to, since one was a hodge-podge of liberal, feminist, and liberation theologies, another a Catholic liberal volume (which has a lot of good features, however), yet another doctrinally fine, but not so helpful on overall approach, literary structure, and theological synthesis.

I can handle the denominational and other religious works better than something by brethren which takes off on all kinds of tangents, which I don’t buy. One expects it from other quarters, but the disappointment would be so great, coming from a brotherhood source, that I don’t bother.

So my vote is Bruce’s work, at least, for this year. Ask me again next year.

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