One, yes; the rest I’ll keep

I have one long-term struggle and trial that I would gladly trade. The others, as bad as they are, I suppose I’d keep.

But what would I trade that one struggle for? Another might be worse. One assumes that this Thing that causes so much grief is the most horrible, consequential, shameful, dishonorable, costly of all. Any other struggle must therefore be lighter and more bearable. But would it? It’s probably typical that we think that our pain is the sharpest, our hurt the deepest. However intense the affliction, we have the assurance that our sufferings have a purpose, to refine our souls, and no temptation is greater than we can bear.

Some years ago an Insight blessed my heart and relieved my mind: my struggles do not define who I am; my identity is not wrapped up in my inner conflicts. That was, and is, a liberating thought.

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