Online Petition You Can Sign

I received an email from yesterday asking me to sign an online petition to help prevent a movie from being made. The movie attempts to do what millions have done over the millenia – make a mockery of Jesus and everything his Gospel stands for. I may not agree about everything with those who have sent out the email, but I appreciate their efforts and I signed the petition.

Here’s what the petition says,

“I demand that “jesus of nazarth” be pulled from production.

This movie intends to declare that my Christian faith is useless and it blasphemes the precious name and actions of Jesus.

It’s offensive to my beliefs and religion and perpetuates the double standard that it’s o.k. to ridicule Christians.

This movie is a cruel deception targeting our children and grandchildren who are impressionable and love to go to movies.”

I have many more things to say on this topic, but I will stop here for my own sake. If you would like to learn more about this movie or you would like to sign the petition yourself then click the above link.

For those of you who preach and teach, either publicly or privately, get ready to help spread the truth if this movie makes it out because there will an abundance of error, hate, ridicule and blasphemy to counter.

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