Only God and his word are eternal

When reading prophetic scripture, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. In the days of Isaiah Assyria and Babylon were the dominant countries. One might think those countries would last for many years, but that was not God’s will.

Compared to the God of heaven the nations are “as a drop in a bucket,” (Isaiah 40:15). It was true that Assyria, Babylon and even Philistia enjoyed dominating other nations for many years but the Almighty curtailed the power of all three.

Trust in any nation is misplaced. No head of state is immortal. Each one will die and change inevitably comes according to God’s plan. In every nation, there are those who wish to hold power for years on end only to find they are mortal indeed.

The lesson in Isaiah 14 is simple. Where should people place their trust? People come and go. Only God is eternal, and only God’s word endures through the ages.

Pride in a nation is a common stumbling block. A fall often follows pride (Proverbs 16:18). Human governments do not last for eternity; only God does. God should have our complete trust and obedience.

God told Philistia, which had been a thorn in Israel’s side for hundreds of years, not to rejoice. It seemed as though the fall of the northern ten tribes of Judah meant the ascendance of Philistia, but God said that was not going to happen (Isaiah 14:29-32).

There are no guarantees for national existence. The only reality worth trusting is the immortal God who rules over the lives of mankind.