Oops – communication faux pas!

Years ago I preached in Carbondale, IL. A friend and I were attending a University of S. Illinois Saluki basketball game and just before the game two 6’+ muscular African-American young men sat down beside me. I thought nothing of it and the game soon began. During a timeout I sent a couple of dollars down the row to pay a vendor for drinks and when the closest of the young men handed me the change he said, “He shorted you. Do you want me to stop him?” I looked up and every vendor around, at least four vendors, was blond and white. Before I could think, I had said, “Never mind, they all look alike to me.” As soon as I said it, I figured I had either some apologizing to do or a quick exit. However, instead of becoming angry, the young man sitting beside me turned to his friend and said, “Did you hear what he said? He said, ‘they all look alike to him” and they both howled with laughter. I guess the Lord was with me!