Opportunity at midnight

Saturday, a little after midnight, I went outside to get a book out of our van.  Our neighbor, that I seldom see, was outside watching her daughter and friends as they walked down the street. Her thirteen year old daughter was celebrating her birthday with a spend-the-night party. My neighbor spoke and asked that I meet her half-way, so she could tell me about her mother and her recent surgery for cancer. 

As is often the case when people face a near-death experience, my neighbor confessed two different ways she has changed her own lifestyle for the better. She said she has stopped drinking and stopped cursing. I did not know she had those problems, but continued to listen. She related that when next month’s check comes, she is going to buy two Bibles, one for her and one for her teenage daughter. I praised her for her new lifestyle, and told her we would get each of them a Bible. She said she was looking for a church that would let her wear the clothes she has, and implied her clothes are not what she thought of as “church” clothes. I pointed to our church building and told her we would be glad to have her. She mentioned that she and her daughter were going to start studying the Bible. I told her about the Bible correspondence course we offer, and she showed interest. Tomorrow I plan to take the first lesson of the John Hurt course, and give each of them a copy to begin their study. The Bibles are to be here Wednesday. They will get them immediately when they arrive.

God continues to answer my prayer that He will bless me with opportunities, help me to recognize them as such, and act upon them in a positive way for His glory. My heart overflows with gratitude, that even in the stillness of the night an opportunity was waiting outside our door.

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