Opportunity to help for the Philippine work

Note: This request comes from Michael Hildreath in the Philippines. Michael is overseen by the Sherman Drive congregation in Denton TX, where Weylan Deaver works, so we believe this would be an effort worthy of support.

In June of this year, my coworkers and I in the Tarlac City evangelistic effort aim to establish a Bible school in downtown Tarlac City. We believe that this will be a vital part of our work in training young men and women to evangelize this area of the Philippines.

Our plan is to start with around 8 students and the four of us, preachers, will serve as teachers and faculty in the school.

I have purchased the fundamental needs to start the program: bunk beds, mattresses, bookshelves, cabinets, cooking supplies, etc. I have donated most of my library to the school for the school library but we could use some more good books. We have one room on the top floor of our church building which will serve as the student dorm and the bottom floor (where we worship on Sundays) will serve as our classroom. It is intended to be a small effort, called Tarlac Bible School, that we pray the Lord will grow in the years to come.

The problem that we have is financial in nature. When I prepared for my mission work for the Philippines, by raising funds among sister congregations, we hit a few obstacles and we were not able to reach the goal before our departure. Thus, I was able to raise sufficient funds for us to work here but not enough to fund a school.

My contacts are very limited and I would appreciate it if there is anything you can do to help us in raising support for this effort.

We have a goal of $2,000 monthly support, which would cover all of our needs for this effort, with 8 students in the course and 4 teachers. Yet we would be able to work with less than this, if necessary.

I am already here and in the work. I cannot fly all the way back to the States right now or anytime soon to physically ask for help for this work. Is there anyone you can refer me to (by email) or is there any congregation(s) you can contact to recommend me and my work? Perhaps your relationships with some good brethren, interested in supporting godly efforts, will lead to an opportunity of support for our work.

Thank you for considering this!

For the cause of Christ, Michael Hildreth