O’Reilly and the Bible

                In the mail the other day I received a bulletin from the church in Winter Park, Florida. In this March 17, 2013 bulletin is a discussion regarding Bill O’Reilly and his view with regard to the Bible. (I hardly watch the “O’Reilly Factor” program so I did not see what transpired. I did not have to watch it, however, for Gary summers (bulletin editor) had a part of the dialogue in the bulletin; a dialogue that can be downloaded from the FoxNews website, I understand).

Bill O’Reilly said to a First Baptist Church preacher (Robert Jeffress of Dallas), “…my belief system is that there is a higher power and that evolution was the way He created the world. Now I was taught in my Catholic school that a lot of stories in the Bible are allegorical. There are stories that, just like Jesus spoke in parables, lessons were put forth…and that a lot of believers (such as myself) don’t take them literally.”

O’Reilly’s understanding of the Old Testament is less than adequate; if Jesus attested to the credibility of what the Old Testament said and O’Reilly dismisses it as being merely “parabolic,” then he has brought the Lord’s credibility into question (something he rejected quickly). For instance, the Lord said that man was made at the time of the beginning (Matthew 19:4). The beginning of what? When the earth begin to exist. This is either true or not. Many in the science community dismiss this as being out of touch with reality. If it comes down to the Lord or science I will be and stay with the Lord. From one vantage point we can take “reality” as interpreted many thousands of years removed from the events associated with creation, or we can take reality from the One who was there and created it all out of nothing (Hebrews 1:2; 11:3).

O’Reilly might be (or not) good with political discourse that is of the current day, but his teaching ability with regard to the Bible will lead people astray. RT

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