Organizing My Prayers

My daily morning prayers and public prayers are pretty well organized to an extent. I try to follow the example of David found throughout the Psalms. First, Praise. Then Thanksgiving. Then request starti8ng with asking for forgiveness. Praising God for who He is, what He does and has done for us (myself included), etc. Thanksgiving, Oh for so much, especially for providing us salvation through Jesus and for saving my soul. Asking for forgiveness of faults and shortcomings, asking help to over come them. In Private prayers thanking Him for my wonderful loving, compassionate wife, ask Him to watch over her, meeting her needs for the day. Then I ask for Him to watch over some special people, thanking Him for watching over them and caring for their needs. Thanking Him for all my brothers and sisters in Christ across this world, asking Him to be with those that are serving Him in a full time capacity in spreading the gospel in their particular area. There are some special people lifted up to Him at this time.Lifting up our military, some by name, and praying for our country.
Am I organized? Yes, I would say so. Of course there are always the daily impromptu prayer which are not.