Others are on my heart today

A 36 year old grandson of our friends died today. He helped two friends escape from a rip-tide in FL, and then got caught himself and lost his life. They gave his body parts to others. We have had him in our thoughts and prayers today, hoping he could survive.

Randal’s fundraising is on my mind, as well as his new book. I trust both efforts will be successful. Do we have any of the fellows that could invite him to speak at your congregation and help him reach his goals quickly? If we don’t support him, who will? We are trying to get another congregation in our area to invite him to make his presentation, and our small church will also. We’d like to meet this servant we know only on the Internet.

Our daughter celebrated a birthday today and that has brought back precious memories. This week is a very important week in our son’s life. He has a big announcement to make on Tuesday, and we have him in our thoughts. On and on it goes, but that is enough for now.