Otis Gatweood on the Bible and the Book of Mormon

In his discussion on Mormonism with Kenneth E. Farnsworth in 1942, Otis Gatewood, in the paragraph below, gave a notable illustration concerning the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Let the reader understand that when Gatewood refers to witnesses he is referring to the testimony of three witnesses found in the Introduction to the Book of Mormon. Below are his words:

The Bible doesn’t offer some witnesses saying this is the word of God. The book itself is proof that it is the word of God. Here is an illustration. Suppose a little boy were to draw a picture of a cat. When he got through he would write under it saying: “This is a cat.” But a great artist would paint a picture of a cat, when he got through painting, would he write under it saying, “This is a cat?” No! That statement alone would prove that he was not a great artist; but he leaves the picture to speak for itself. I want to say that that is the way the Bible is and this statement I would like to make – The three witnesses and their testimony is the greatest conviction in my mind that the Book of Mormon is not of divine origin, because you don’t ever find any such testimony given by any books of the Bible. You can tell by the reading of the Bible that its message is divine. But, friends, those who wrote the Book of Mormon realized that their message would not stand the test. That is why they gave the three witnesses saying: “This is the word of God,” just as a little boy would say, “This is a cat.”

Gatewood-Farnsworth Debate on Mormonism, p. 86.

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