A bit of our day and points of a sermon

Good day today it was. I filled the pulpit this morning in SJCampos for Paulo, who had to work. Friday’s reading was 1 Cor. 15, and considering the Camping prophecy, used it for my main text. But I took a different approach, and talked about the issues around the resurrection, that the apostle deals with in the chapter.

  1. Origin (1-8). As he often does in the letter, Paul goes back to the original teaching they received, that included the resurrection, and proofs of Jesus’ return from the dead. He starts out positively as he deals with the error.
  2. Association (32-34). The Corinthians should avoid false teachers such as those who deny the resurrection. Ideas have consequences and influence those who entertain them.
  3. Motivation (58). The reality of the resurrection provides us the motivation for perseverance in the Lord’s work.

That’s the substance of it, anyway. And tonight in Taubaté I was scheduled to preach as well, and focused on the ever narrowing context from chapters 12-14 to the chapter to the middle section, to the middle element in love’s actions.

Jorge and Paula twisted our arms to pay for our lunch today. They’re mean like that sometimes. We were celebrating Paula passing the exams for her real estate agent license. She’s bona fide now. I told them we should have paid for their lunch.

We had some heavy traffic coming back from Taubaté, but only when we got to SJCampos where construction is being done did we actually come to a full stop on the Interstate. Didn’t last long, thankfully.

So it’s time tonight to relax a bit and eat a bite.

How was your Sunday?

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