Our function in heaven

Don Petty, of the Lewisville TX church, sends out a weekly email on Sunday nights to the 70, encouraging us to consider how to turn around the decline in the American church. He’s given me permission to share portions of it with you. Don was a vocational missionary in Iraq back in the 1970s. He was on the team that developed Tostitos.

Tonight Don sent out “50 things we might expect in heaven,” which I’ll share tomorrow, but tonight, I’d like to post a piece from last Sunday’s mailing, about what our function in heaven will be. Something of a fun exercise for the Christian.

What will be our function in Heaven through eternity? Have you ever pondered that question? Have you ever wondered if there will be work for us to perform? Would it be like God as we know Him to leave us aimless, without something productive to do? What might that be?

Will there be some further kinds of creation(s) God will perform? Another earth or type of earth with living beings? And will he offer them a way … and judge them?

Will we be involved in any further creative work God would do?

Okay … I can’t answer those things. But I like to wander through the portals of Heaven wondering and imagining, praying and hoping.

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