Our one-talent man

The Daily Nudge asks the Fellows to describe the one-talent man in their congregation.

The closest person we have to fit that description is a widower in his late 70s. He’s a manual laborer with little education, a slow reader. He still works, probably out of necessity, though he can’t climb as high on the scaffolding these days, only about three stories up. (We told him not to do that; a three-story fall would still kill him.)

He doesn’t preach or teach publicly, although he does lead a prayer. He can’t teach a personal Bible study. But he has brought more people to visit the group studies and church meetings than everybody else combined! He and I have been on several studies together with people he’s contacted, often at the bus stop.

And he visits. Any problem anywhere and he’s at their door. He gets free bus rides, so he uses those for the Lord.

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