Parental Guidance not suggested – it's necessary!

In one way or another you’ve probably seen or heard something about the riots in Baltimore. One of the most controversial elements to this sad situation is the number of school-aged children and young adults who participated in the destruction of the public and private property of individuals who had nothing to do with the situation that sparked the events. Seeing such involvement could make one ask, “Where in the world were the parents of these kids?” Were they out there chucking the rocks with them? Were they lied to when they asked their child where they were? Did they even care enough to ask, or check? Well I can’t answer those questions for every underage rioter (as if there is a proper age to riot) that was present, but according to one news story one mother took note and she took action!

The mother-and-child moment that was caught on camera led to this quote:

An individual mother-and-child incident like this one is the best way to get these violent groups to listen, according to ABC News contributor and former FBI agent Steve Gomez.

“If you get them separated, and you get their family member, someone they respect, to lay into them,” he said. “I don’t think that they’re going to listen to anybody other than their parents or someone in their family that they respect.”

Parental guidance suggested? No way! Life isn’t a movie. Parental guidance is necessary for any kid that society needs to grow up into a young and responsible adult. The kids that participated in the riot were old enough to know what they were doing; now whether they were taught to do better remains to be seen, and the answer to that relies solely upon the shoulders of the parents whose roof those kids live under. If kids don’t learn to respect their parents, they won’t have any respect, true respect, for the public in general. And it’s not the general public’s responsibility to teach a child to respect his or her parents – it’s the parents! Even if the general public and governmental authorities must follow through with the consequences. So the FBI agent is right, but only to the extent that the child even has an adult in their life that deserves, or better yet commands, the respect that is necessary to take a rioter’s rock out of their hand by putting the rod of discipline across their backside or upside their head, as was the case of the afore-mentioned mother.

I for one say good job mom! I don’t know you, but I know you loved your child enough to act, and I hope the lesson that you were trying to teach sinks in for your son’s and for society’s sake.

*as an editor’s note, let me add that I don’t necessarily endorse the language that was used in the video, but I do endorse a mother who decides to take action when their child is doing wrong

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