PCYC 2010 is getting ready to launch!

The Purcellville Christian Youth Camp is July 12-14. Our theme is Christian olympics — with an emphasis of “go for the crown”. 15 of our adults have volunteered to help run the camp — many of these are taking vacation from their jobs to participate. We’re also very excited to have a group of 26 kids (mostly teens) and 13 adults from the church of Christ in Arab, AL coming to help with the camp. Since we don’t have an actual camp ground, we need to house our guests. Many of our members are opening their homes to provide beds and showers for them.

We are offering this camp as a free service to the surrounding community as an outreach activity to win people to Christ. We’ve created and distributed camp brochures at a local city festival and at the local Tropical Smoothie shop. We’re running Facebook and Google ads targeted at the local community. We will be sending out a special House-to-House issue with advertising for the camp. Finally, on the Sunday afternoon before camp, the teens will canvass the adjacent neighborhood trying to get community teens to join us.

Can’t wait!!!!

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