PCYC: Post-Mortum

All the teens are still talking about the camp. Facebook has been a wonderful thing. The Purcellville and Arab kids are all linked together, sharing photos and stories and keeping up with the lives of their new found friends. For our kids, this fellowship is really critical. We are on an island up here, and the kids don’t have other Christian friends from close by congregations around. I continue to see how this experience has affected the lives of not just my sons, but our entire teen group.

One of the things we did was to record the singing at our Bible camp as  I wanted to have some singing on the web site, but let me tell you, it has paid off in spades. Links to the singing are spreading between these kids on Facebook. The kids are living the experience again and loving it.

The recording was rather last minute and could have been executed better, but it’s not bad considering. For those interested, I’ve posted selections along with photos here: http://www.purcellvillecoc.org/pcyc/2010/

One lesson I’ve learned is to never underestimate the power of the little things.

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