Can you name just one?

Can you name just one fault of Jesus of Galilee?

Can you name a person He mistreated? Can you name a soul to whom He was unjust? Can you name one teaching of Jesus that is immoral? Can you name one practice of His life that was out of balance with His teachings?

It has been said that many wish to repent of sin on their death-bed, but do any Christians on their death-bed repent of following Christ? Ronald Reagan once said, “Can you name one problem that would not be solved if we had simply followed the teachings of the man from Galilee?” Oh, the thought!

Go ahead; stand Him next to any man. Find the best – the most inspiring, prolific, influential, successful. Gather a roomful and give them high marks for their merits, and deductions for their faults. They begin to fall away, one-by-one, until they have all left the room but Him! They cannot stand next to this Man! They cannot stand next to Jesus! Even Pontius Pilate gets our ‘Amen’ as he proclaims: “I find no fault in Him!”

Rick Kelley, Prestonsburg KY church bulletin

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