Persecution Or Ridicule?

Back in February 1996, over 550 employees were terminated from El Paso Natural Gas Co. I was working as an administrative assistant for the engineering department manager. He was a well-known womanizer. Flirted with just about every attractive woman in the building where we were located.

He knew of my faith in Christ and in the church of the New Testament. He also knew that I deplored what he was doing behind his wife’s back. So, when the came time for cutting employees, I was unfortunately one of them. Even though I told him I would gladly move to Houston, Texas where they were going to move their home offices – it didn’t make any difference to him at all. He wanted me out of his sight.

I firmly believe that he was persecuting me for standing up for what was right according to the Scriptures. I made him feel guilty, but not guilty enough to stop doing what he was doing.

What was even more amazing, was that he claimed to be religious – was a member of a well-known denomination – but obviously didn’t follow their doctrine regarding faithfulness to his wife.

He later was promoted from manager to a vice-president and retired a few years ago as such. Guess those flirting escapades paid off.