Personal letter to my friends

Hi Everyone,

I am sending this letter to all my Christian friends on email. As most of you know we have been keeping mother seven years in our home. She will be 100 in June. Mother and I don’t get to worship regularly, as we would like, because of one thing or another with her. I’m thankful for the opportunity of taking care of her at this time in her life.

Recently I purchased a laptop computer to watch Gospel Broadcasting Network on our television. The cable company we use does not carry the programming, but with the laptop I am able to watch it 24/7 if I choose to do so. Today I had it on most of the day and have heard some of the most wonderful sermons, have seen and heard beautiful music and scenery and learned a lot. If you have never seen this television station, which is funded by members of the churches of Christ, please check it out at Click on the button to watch it live online. Our television serves as a monitor by hooking an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV. You can also learn more about the station and work by researching it on that same address.

Being able to watch GBNTV has been such a blessing to us. Mother sits and watches and it surely fills a need for me. Douglas and I support this effort monthly, so I feel comfortable asking you to consider helping them continue the good work they are doing. It would be wonderful if our churches would put GBN’s preaching of the gospel 24 hours a day in their budgets. It would be wonderful if more individual Chrisians would support it.

Today after Douglas came home from worship he saw and heard brother Garland Elkins preach. Brother Elkins baptized Douglas in Tennessee when he was a young boy. Doug was thrilled to sit and hear him again.

I learned of brother Carl Sims of Manchester, TN on GBNTV. We invited him to come to Geneva and teach us how to use the Three-Lesson Open Bible Study that he uses to teach and baptize many each year. We have been using it since he came and have taught more than ever before. Can you imagine having 39 baptisms in a year?

GBNTV is a wonderful place to learn and hear preachers to invite for gospel meetings. I’m impressed with Barry Grider of the Germantown church in Germantown, TN., as an example of one I favor right now, and there are countless others. It is so encouraging and refreshing to see young gospel preachers taking time to prepare and record their programs for this network. I just can’t say enough good about it.

As you can tell, this is something very close to my heart. I want to do all I can to see that this station is a success. They don’t know I am doing this…well, really, they don’t even know me, but that doesn’t matter. I have a very selfish reason for writing this letter as explained in my second paragraph.

Would you be so kind as to help in this effort? I have thrown the ball (opportunity) to you. The ball is in your court. What will YOU do with it? Let’s go for a home run, won’t you?

God bless you in all you do for good,

Glenda Williams (Mrs. Douglas M., Sr.)

NOTE: This letter was written on Sunday and emailed on Monday. With Randal’s encouragement I am posting it here. Thanks to all.