Perspectives on the Aurora Shootings

My current article at Forthright is about the tragic shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado by James Holmes. Like many others, I preached on the shootings on Sunday using the thoughts in today’s article.

My Forthright articles every week are written to spur discussion. Accordingly, I am interested in your thoughts on the spiritual perspective on this case.

Pundits and law enforcement experts are all over the American media trying to find answers to why the shootings occurred.

Everyone wants to know:

  • Why did this happen?
  • Should we ban guns?
  • How can we prevent these kinds of crimes from happening?

However, my premise is that they will never find the right answers because they persist in asking the wrong questions. If they were looking at the tragedy through spiritual eyes, they would find the answers they seek very clearly.

Through your eyes as a student of Scripture, how would you answer those three questions?

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