Pew Packers General Flashcard Module Updated

I realize most will have no idea what I’m talking about, so allow me to explain.

One of our websites ( has PDFs lists of the memory drill we use with the youth on Sunday night (for about 10 min). I found a neat, free educational program years ago called QEDOC. QEDOC has many great features, but we use it on for memory aid & testing purposes. I updated the module recently so now it has nearly 100 memory facts.

Take some time to check out the following module (if it won’t work for you, go to and download the latest version):

Here’s the PDF “cheat” sheet (if you have trouble answering the questions!):

Click to access memorywork%5Cgeneral.pdf

I’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions for improvement.

Pew Packers ties in with the Pygmalion article I posted recently. We must have high expectations for our youth (particularly our own children, since we have the greatest influence on them). I am proud of Adin, 8, and Abel, 7, who have spent a lot of time studying these facts. Adin usually scores around 80% and Abel is always above 90%.

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