Picking cotton for pay

When I was 15 years old I wanted an Elba Tiger jacket like some of my friends at school. We were poor, but mother figured out a way I could earn the $8.00 needed to buy my jacket.  Our neighbor had a small cotton field that he needed help picking the cotton.  Mother took me down there one afternoon and approached our neighbor about letting us help pick his cotton. He was glad to have us. 

The thick, long sack hung over my shoulder and the opening rested on my right side. It must have been at least 8 feet long. I drug that sack down the row and with ungloved hands picked cotton every afternoon after school. Each day they weighed my bag and cotton. Little by little I continued to make money until I got the amount needed for my jacket.

That was my first paying job.  Today cotton fields are so pretty to me.  Enjoy the picture I have made of a cotton field near Elba, Alabama.

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