Plans to establish a new church, Jackie Chan in town, rebranding &c.

A Christian couple is coming tomorrow to talk with the SJCampos and Taubate churches about support, so they can establish a new congregation in a capital city in the north of Brazil that has no faithful message there. I find it exciting. But if you think it’s hard for missionaries in the US to find funds, try raising support among churches that are relatively small and new themselves, and often limited in means.

• Anybody got a clear, positive article on Proverbs 31, especially verse 10, on the worth of the noble wife? No more than 600 to 700 words max. And applicable to other cultures, easy to translate. (Meaning no heavy American references or illustrations.) I need it for a magazine theme on the worth of man. Yesterday. UPDATE: The Maiden just accepted the task of writing the article. Thanks anyway!

• If I don’t choose your suggestion, it won’t mean it’s not good, only that it won’t fit our specific needs, either in terms of space, approach, or context.

• The Missus and I are on the board of a children’s home here, where we provide mainly moral support and serve as contact for stateside supporters, of which there are a few. As we try to establish our “brand,” as the marketers call it, in the US, I was slow to figure out that nobody will remember “Lar Cristão Children’s Home.” So we’re rebranding it as Brazil Kids. As soon as the domain is done propagating, or whatever it does (and it’s taking a while to do it), we’ll have the new website up at UPDATE: Now working.

• Weylan was kind enough to publish a little piece of mine, “For Man God Made.” I’m still owing him a longish article that I’ve entitled “The Enduring Principles of the Limited Commission.” Be sure to also check out his recent article on “What the Bible Says About Animals.” Very good, so good in fact that, since it fits somewhat the theme of our Brazilian mag on man’s worth, I’m translating it into Portuguese. (Lessee, did I ask his permission yet? Weylan?) Check out the other good writers there also, such as our own John H. and Ron T.

• Reckon we’re as prepared for the invasion of false teachings in our congregations as this man was for the burglars who broke a back window and entered his home? Seems like some brethren are adopting a wait-and-see attitude. By the time they wake up and decide to see what’s in front of them, it will be too late. All the valuable souls will have been stolen.

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