Playing Church

If you’ve read much of what I write then you know that I absolutely adore the Kindergarten Bible Class. Those kids are the sweetest, most intelligent children I’ve ever met (I might be a bit biased… but just a bit).

Last Sunday morning they came in dressed to the tee and quickly realized that something about class was different.
I had covered our rug with a purple blanket. Also, only purple crayons, purple colored pencils, and purple markers were on the table. A huge box of stickers was placed neatly on the table with instructions to only use the ones that were purple. Our lesson was centered on that faithful, influential Christian lady, Lydia.

Class went great but it was at the end when one of my girls came up to me and remarked, “I play Bible class at home and you are the Princess.” I wasn’t sure what she meant but later, her mom explained.

At home, this sweet little girl lines up her dolls and stuffed animals and plays church. I am the teacher and I am Princess Peach. (I had no idea who Princess Peach was but Googled her when I got home). I was so excited that this little girl enjoys Bible class so much that she plays it at home.

I remember when my kids were little and would play church. One time they insisted that my husband and I dress for the occasion. It was close to 9pm when we sat on the couch and they took turns leading the singing, preaching and praying. I will never forget the importance on their little faces. This wasn’t just play, to them it was serious.

Sadly though there are some adults who still play church. However, most of us know that Church isn’t what we do nor is it where we go. Church is who we are.

Do you remember playing church as a child?