Plurality of elders: Scriptural to have one elder?

eldershipOn a group discussion list, a good brother asked in his sincere study of the Word,

If we say that “children” (in the qualification for elders) can mean one or multiple children, then would the same rule apply to the word “elders”? Would it be Scriptural to have just one elder if he truly met the qualifications laid out in Scriptures?

Ron T. replied,

I would suggest not on the basis of Philippians 1:1, Titus 1:5, Acts 14:23. The plurality in these verses will not allow for a singularity of application.

I liked Ron’s expression here, besides agreeing with him. I might add Acts 15:2, 4 to the list.

I’m beginning a study of the eldership in preparation for a study in another state, at the request of a congregation now in the process of selecting supervisors and servants, so this exchange got my attention.