Night and day


by J. Randal Matheny

The deepest dark gives way to growing light,
The scattered stars concede to the power of one;
Men give their strength to tasks within their sight,
The pondered thought and night of rest are done.

Were prayers and pleadings said upon their beds?
On words and works of God did men reflect?
Did gratitude prevail in pillowed heads?
Was pardon sought for some benign neglect?

As goes the night, the following day is spent:
If far from God a man devotes his heart
To pass the evening embraced in the world’s dissent,
His day will also be from God apart.

How blest the man who shuns the shadowed sin!
Both night and day he knows his Lord’s commands;
The righteous reap the fruit their plans begin,
God gives them good success within their hands.

#christian-poetry, #nighttime