Polishing the Pulpit: Update # 1

I arrived in Gatlinburg, TN yesterday– I am staying in a 3  bedroom cabin/chalet owned by Gene Mosley, one of the elders at the  Fairfax congregation in Winchester, Ky; also his preacher, Scott Pena  is there–it is way  up on a mountain.

We went  over to PTP for the evening session.  Heard some or all of the following  lectures/sessions

  1. David Lipe, “He Took My Burdens All Away.”
  2. Michael Shepherd, “Is it  nothing to you? Keeping our  hearts soft and our passion for souls strong.
  3. Steve Higginbotham, How to Have a Successful Blog.”

Got  re-acquainted  with some folks I met last year and  met  some  new  folks as well.  Looking forward to a  great time  today (Saturday) We are  going to miss the  8:00 a.m. session but  will be there for the 9:00 a.m. session.

Will try to  post during the   afternoon break or when we  arrive home this evening.

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