Polishing the Pulpit- Update # 2

Saturday was another  great  day at  PTP!  Enjoyed  seeing some  old friends and meeting some  new ones.  I went to the  following  lectures/sessions

  1. 9:00-9:45 a.m. Panel Discussion on Bible Study Methods. It  was OK, but  not what I was  expecting– I was expecting them to to share  how they  go about studying the Bible; but it was about  setting up Bible studies with prospects.
  2. 10:00-10:45 a.m. Homiletics: The Necessity of Application in Preaching. Mike Vestal. “This was one of the  best  and practical sessions I have  attended.
  3. 11:00-11:45 a.m. A NASA Scientist looks at the  age of the Earth (2) — Michael Houts – “Was interesting, but was  kinda  over most  folks  heads, in my  opinion, at  least  over mine–but I  appreciated  his dedication to the Word of God.
  4. 6:00-6:45 p.m. Meditations for the Lord’s Supper. Loy Mitchell.  “This was  a  real good  message on how to share, uplift  and honor Christ at the Table.”
  5. 7:00-7:45 p.m. What To Do If You Have Child, Friend, or Church Member Go To Prison. Wesley Simons. “This was  a good session.”
  6. 8:00-8:45 a.m. Islam-Threat On The Horizon. Burt Jones. “An outstanding presentation by someone who  knew his ‘stuff.’  Looking forward to some  other lectures throughout week.

We had  a great  lunch  at the Old Mill Restaurant  in  Pigeon Forge. There were about  17 of us from at least  2  states (KY & as Dale Jenkins says, “The Great State of Alabama.”

Looking  forward to a great Lord’s Day!  Will post later today or tonight