Positions that Self-Destruct

Here’s another conversational blurb from the Koukl book (“Tactics”) I mentioned recently (pp. 114-115) —

“Men wrote the Bible. People are imperfect. Therefore, the Bible is flawed and not inspired by God.”

“You think the Bible must be flawed because people make mistakes?”

“Yes, that’s the way it seems to me.”

“I’m curious–why do you think you are an exception to that rule?”

“What do you mean?

“Well, you don’t seem to think you’ve made a mistake in your own judgment about the Bible. But you’re a flawed human being, too.”

“Of course I am. But I didn’t mean that people always make mistakes.”

“If people don’t always make mistakes, though, you can’t rule out the Bible just because people wrote it, can you?”

*It doesn’t follow that if people are capable of error, they always will err. Taken at face value, this objection is self-refuting.

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