Practical: calendars, email, Open Office

Some of my best ideas and conversations are on email discussion lists. (More to be said on those later.) There was a question about calendars, email and Open Office today, with a bit of confusion thrown in about what the latter does. So here’s my edited reply on that one.

I’m certainly no one’s expert here, though I do know a good deal about the OOo Writer program, since I use it for all my word processing, from simple outlines and articles, to church bulletins and missions reports, to magazines and books, such as Richard’s book, for example.

OpenOffice is a FREE, open-source office suite, of the same type as, but superior to, MS Office. It’s not an Internet tool, although you can use it to email files and, with the click of a mouse, convert a file into a PDF file for emailing or posting online. It’s available here.

For Internet work and emailing,’s Thunderbird is an email client for those who don’t do their email online, as I do. I do tinker with Thunderbird, and it does a fine job of managing email. It is is another FREE open-source offering in most ways superior to commercial products. For a calendar, see also Mozilla’s Lightning, which packs the Sunbird calendar in with Thunderbird. You can also get them separately, if you prefer that. See the options here.

The advantage to these is that you’ll not be stuck with a commercial product that is out of date and files or formats that won’t work in new products. Both OOo and Mozilla’s projects are frequently updated, with large, dynamic user and contributor communities behind them.

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