Practice grows maturity

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

And when the cloud remained only from evening until morning, when the cloud was taken up the following morning, then they traveled on. Whether by day or by night, when the cloud was taken up they traveled. Numbers 9.21

Moses was the one chosen by God to bring his people out of Egypt. However, God was present with the Israelites as was clearly seen in the cloud by day and the fiery appearance at night!

The Lord led the people as they traveled. When the cloud stopped, the people stopped and made camp. They would stay camped until the cloud moved. They would then pull up camp and move following the cloud where it led. God was teaching his people obedience and in a way, practicing it with them.

It brings to mind a child who needs to be taught obedience. At times, it might be necessary to practice something, such as sitting still or staying quiet during worship. Practicing at home can make it easier. You have heard it said that practice makes perfect. You could say that practice makes one grow to maturity.

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