Praise God First

There are three things that can help people when they suffer. Please understand there are more things that can be done, but there are three things that should be done first.

  1. Don’t blame God. Humans usually begin to search for the reason for their suffering and many blame God for what happened to them. God will allow us to be tried (James 1:2-4), but God does not engage in pointless mischief.
  2. Praise God FIRST. When one enters trial (either by sickness or some other trial or temptation) instead of losing your faith, thank God and praise him for allowing you to be tried. Sound strange? Many people will think so, but it makes biblical sense and will help you determine to use your trial/temptation to the glory of God (1 Peter 1:6-9). Here’s a good way to do this: read Psalms 144-150 aloud. Reading God’s word aloud has some great benefits and will fortify your faith.
  3. Pray. Tell God your decision to use your trial or temptation to his glory and tell him about the lessons you have already learned, and you will learn some lessons.